Brownie Heaven

Brownie Heaven, Royapettah

With multiple plans, multiple postponements and multiple times where I’ve asked people quit their rants on these brownies, Brownie heaven finally happened. Having been particular about trying it at their flagship outlet, we were en route Royapettah on a Friday evening.

The place is easy to spot, and a short walk away from Sathyam Cinemas. A small outlet that can house about 15 people at the maximum. They welcome you with a display of brownies that gets you salivating already.

We ordered a classic brownie with ice cream, brownie cheesecake and a Brookies and cream. An impatient wait of about 15 minutes followed, and we dug into the classic brownie. I’ll let you look up every synonym of delicious and fill up the next few lines with those. Then again, me being me, wants to steal some space to describe it. It melts. Even as your spoon cuts through the brownie, and goes back to the ice cream to take some, you try to not feel guilty about scooping up more than you’re supposed to. As you pop the spoon’s contents into your mouth and let them melt together.. I don’t know if words can do justice to what I felt.

The cheesecake brownie had a layer of cheesecake and was topped with some blueberry compote. The blueberry flavour overpowered the brownie and was a bit of a spoil for me. After the disappointment that the cheesecake brownie was, the brookie, which was brownie with crushed oreos, whipped cream and chocolate shavings did just enough to calm us down. Loved the varying crunch of the oreos and the smoothness of the brownie in the brookie.

For the hearty dessert dinner that it was, we spent around 500 bucks in all, which I would say was totally worth it. Writing about it after a long while has made me crave for more, and I’m already on the verge of planning.


Food – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Location – 3.5/5

Ambience – 3.5/5

Price – 4/5

Overall rating – 4/5

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