The Pasta Bar Veneto

The Pasta Bar Veneto, T.Nagar

Some restaurants have a real clever way of marketing their dishes. Nothing much. Just two lines of description that says what the dish contains gets you all salivating and makes you want to have all of it. One such places that made me want to try all of their menu is Pasta bar.

Really pretty and appealing ambiance with a lot of greenery and glass panes that permits view to the beautiful exteriors. The entry to the restaurant though takes you through a narrow sidepath of a building.

We dived straight into the main courses and ordered baked fish, a chicken lasagne, chicken ravioli in a white sauce, one meaty pizza (the Carne Mista), Peppe pollo in crosta, Salsa Rossa con Pollo e funghi and an onion, potato, mushrooms and red paprika pizza topped with parmesan and mozarella. (That does sound like a lot of exotic stuff, yes! :P) 

The baked fish, which I tried with a lot of expectation, was a bit too salty for my liking.

Word of caution: It’s hot. Like steamingggg hot.

The chicken in the ravioli was too rubbery, and the pasta pockets were too hard. So the ravioli, a letdown.

The lasagne was decent, meat mince was done well and was saucy enough to not claim dryness.

The pizzas and the Peppe pollo in Crosta were the best of the lot. Both pizzas were juicy and succulent. The pepper, herb crusted chicken breast was perfectly cooked, with just the right amount of seasoning, making sure that the taste of the chicken wasn’t lost and covered up.

The main course, in general, was decent. Nothing I would go back for.

We decided to please our not-so-satisfactory selves with an array of desserts. The brownie and the apple strudel could’ve been better. Or is it my biased attitude to anything with coffee and chocolate that made the mud pie, chocolate mousse and the tiramisu stand out?


Guess we’ll never know. The desserts wiped that frown off our faces, which some of the mains had put on.

To put it all together, Pasta bar was this place that I’ve looked forward to visiting for a really long while, which didn’t prove quite as good as we assumed it to be.

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Food – 3/5

Service – 4/5

Price – 3/5

Ambiance – 4/5

Location – 4/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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