Waffles Thru the Day

Waffles Thru the Day, Adyar

Going out for breakfast has always been a fascination for me. While I’m a huge fan of South Indian breakfasts, there’s something about English breakfasts that always a welcome change. It adds a tinge of freshness and morning happiness that comes from within. But each time the topic of a breakfast outing sprung up, the not-so-much-of-a-morning person part of me sprung up, laziness took over and that was that.

So, when a bunch of us decided to meet after a long break, it had to be at the earliest possible time. And breakfast it was.

Having read a lot about Waffles thru the day and having seen the tempting chocolate waffle pictures on Instragram, it just had to be this place.

The posh streets of Adyar welcomed us, with a gentle breeze and the smell of freshly made waffles wafting along, somewhere in the distance (I made that up, yes!).

You might have to be careful to not miss out on the spot, as it’s tucked in the basement of a residential spot. A pretty neat place with about 10 tables and a few bar styled stools. Great place for a bunch of people to hang out and catch up.

We placed the order for one non-veg set breakfast, a chocolate chip waffle and a Mediterranean waffle. Just a call out from our savory-loving selves. The service was pretty quick and we had to wait for around 15 minutes to be served.

The first dish to astound us was the chocolate chip waffle. Two soft, chippy waffles topped with two scoops of vanilla and chocolate icecream got us all drooly. A slight drizzle and dressing with some chocolate syrup was enough to make the union eternal.

The set breakfast was a perfect English breakfast, with unlimited buttermilk waffles, scrambled eggs (or poached eggs), hash browns, chicken sausages, chicken ham, strawberries with whipped cream, hot chocolate (or coffee) and a juice to go with it. The hash browns were a bit hard, but the rest of it tasted absolutely great!

The Mediterranean waffle was the perfect sight. Topped with lots of feta cheese, the filling of corn and jalapenos went great with the generosity of the cheese. The portions were pretty generous and filling.

Given the locality and the food, the cost isn’t all that much.

 Coming back to the day-old question, would I visit again? Hell yeah!


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