A Foodie Journey !

Heyya, I’m the Crazy Foodie !

Cool burger

With the beginning of a life, begins the journey of food! Food takes you to a world that keeps you coming back for more and pleasures your senses like nothing else!

My world is huge and has many places out of which The Chocolate Castle, The Dessert Delight and The Freezing Frenzy are my favorite.

I always dream of sliding through the chocolate river as chocolate syrup splashes on both sides of me, scoop up handfuls of the syrup, drink every drop of it, lick it up to make sure I don’t waste any. I live in a castle where everything is endlessly made of chocolate, the castle being high enough to reach the sky, the clouds made of fluffy chocolate where I get to catch hold of it, eat it all and when it rains, obviously, it’s going to be chocolate again!

When I’ve had enough of the chocolate, I go around the corner to find myself in the Dessert Delight which is fully made of cupcakes, donuts, candies. In a meadow, lined up on both sides, trees whose leaves are all sponge cake and brownies, the branches form into lollipops and the tree flowers out cupcakes exists. In my world, I can pick out all of these and eat it till my tummy is full!

The Freezing frenzy is exclusive to ice cream and cold shakes. As I walk through these streets, shivering, there are sky high cones that are scooped up with ice creams of all flavors topped with nuts and brownies. Streams of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and blueberry run and I get to pick what I want!

This is my world, where I can eat everything that is not nutritious and healthy without anyone screaming at me! One day, my world will spring to life!

Welcome to my foodie world 😀

Check out the Menu for more B)


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