Gobi Paratha

My aunt has always been quite the innovator in the kitchen. From trying out kuzhi paniyarams with egg, and deep fried fritters in which she incorporates as much health as she could, I’ve loved almost everything she makes. Right from the moment she starts chopping up the vegetables into neat, colourful piles, the excitement starts … Continue reading Gobi Paratha


Semi-dry Roasted Chicken

We all have our trivial yet significant rituals when it comes to food. For me, one that holds utmost importance is the mandatory meat hogging on Sundays. I'm so used to this, that vegetarian food on these days feels almost unimaginable. This is how it goes. Mom and dad desperately attempt to pull us out … Continue reading Semi-dry Roasted Chicken

Sabudana Vada

Aren't those little pearls of tapioca a beautiful to hold on to? Despite being hogh on calories and blotting me up, sago has been a favorite part of my routine meal. Be it in the form of a porridge, kheer, khichdi or the highest fat version of it, yet the tasty vadas, those rubbery tiny … Continue reading Sabudana Vada

Brinji Rice

One common failure at our household is my mom's desperate try to keep calorie levels to a minimum. On certain occasions I urge my mom to give up this futile attempt and go for some rich, flavorful, sumptuous food. A result of one of those attempts was today's Brinji rice. I do agree that there's … Continue reading Brinji Rice

Murgi-r Jhol

Being someone who has hardly ventured out of her comfort zone when it comes to eating a few years back, Bengali food once seemed far-fetched option. From then, I've come a long way to get excited over anything and everything new. My love for this simple yet exquisite cuisine dates back to two years. First … Continue reading Murgi-r Jhol


My mom has been making this coconut based curry at home right from my childhood, and everyone in our family used to love scooping up the curry with some amazing Adai! But over the recent years, I think it just went to being one of those forgotten favorites. Having heard the name Avial often over … Continue reading Avial

Fish Amritsari

Do I need to say anything at all about Punjab and its festivity? Whatever be the occasion it's made sure that the joy is spread out with lots of eating, dancing and singing! The best part about all this celebration and excitement is the array of foods that this exquisite cuisine has to offer! All … Continue reading Fish Amritsari

Lamb Rogan Josh

My first memory of this sumptuous thick gravy with tender marinated lamb goes back as far as seven years ago. The vision of eating this traditional Kashmiri recipe brought into our country by the ever-famous cooks of the Mughlai kitchen, at friend's place, reminds me from day to day, as to how much Indian cooking … Continue reading Lamb Rogan Josh

Green Gram Curry

Being a Tamilian from a family of farmers, Pongal has always been a greater source of joy and festivity than any other festival. My childhood days were mostly spent looking forward to the month of January, as it meant leaving behind the worries of school, and enthusiastically starting off the journey towards our village in … Continue reading Green Gram Curry

Cookies and Crème Ice Cream

Being an ardent chocolate lover, my love for cookies and crème in any form knows no bounds. Be it the famous combination of cookies in the milk chocolate like Hershey’s, or the chocolate sandwich cookies, or the beautiful blend of rich, cold, cream with bits of chunky cookies! Just the sight of it has always … Continue reading Cookies and Crème Ice Cream