Tasty China

Tasty China, Porur A new restaurant opens up in the vicinity - Hmmm.. I must try it out sometime. A new MOMO serving restaurant opens up in the vicinity - I MUST try it NOW These people sure knew how to grab my attention. With a hoarding advertising their momos each time I passed by, … Continue reading Tasty China



Nando's, Velachery Nando's has always been much spoken about. Their peri peri chicken and chicken wings have had such praise from the connoisseurs of Chennai. When people with such great experiences in food, laud the place, it's a given that it must be visited. I know, I'm too late to the party. But then, better … Continue reading Nando’s

Waffles Thru the Day

Waffles Thru the Day, Adyar Going out for breakfast has always been a fascination for me. While I’m a huge fan of South Indian breakfasts, there's something about English breakfasts that always a welcome change. It adds a tinge of freshness and morning happiness that comes from within. But each time the topic of a … Continue reading Waffles Thru the Day

Phobidden Fruit

Phobidden Fruit, Indiranagar Bangalore visits call for mandatory fancy lunches, and if it gets to be Pan-Asian, me and my tummy get to be all the more happier. Indra nagar being our preferred location, we were spoilt for choice with the numerous good eateries that it has to offer. After endless confusion, Phobidden fruit was … Continue reading Phobidden Fruit

The Pasta Bar Veneto

The Pasta Bar Veneto, T.Nagar Some restaurants have a real clever way of marketing their dishes. Nothing much. Just two lines of description that says what the dish contains gets you all salivating and makes you want to have all of it. One such places that made me want to try all of their menu … Continue reading The Pasta Bar Veneto

Smally’s Resto Cafe

Smally's Resto Cafe, Church Street One of those many Bangalore places that have those small, noisy, pub-like ambiances, located on the much spoken about Church street that has several other much bloated about spots like Blossoms (one place that takes up a huge place in my heart). Much spoken about as the spot that offers … Continue reading Smally’s Resto Cafe


Onesta, Indiranagar Pizza craving! Not a great place to be at. At all! Those times when all you can think about, see and ache for is pizza! Thankfully this one wasn't all that bad, for, I was in the city of gardens as I dreamt about this, and my companions felt like pizza themselves. Serendipity! … Continue reading Onesta

Pluto’s Restaurant

Pluto's Restaurant, Choolaimedu If a friend happens to come across an affordable place that looks good as well, one has to try it out, isn't it? Pluto's was such place that is quietly tucked in on the lane next to Kailash Kitchen. A decent place to dine in with fine interiors and attractive lighting and wall … Continue reading Pluto’s Restaurant

Dindigul Thalappakatti

Dindigul Thalappakatti, Poonamallee On the way back from a tiring journey, I was really losing my patience over endless discussions on choosing an apt place to stop by for dinner, and my grumbling stomach was not helping one bit. Finally, god took some pity, and behold there was this place that we unanimously agreed upon. … Continue reading Dindigul Thalappakatti

Eagle Boys Pizza

Eagle Boys Pizza, Adyar Being someone who consistently sticks to Domino's when it comes to some pizza craving, Eagle Boys was a welcome change to my tummy. Having thrown a jealous glance at this outlet every Sunday on my way back from coaching classes, I've always been able to associate this place with intense hunger. … Continue reading Eagle Boys Pizza