Orange Wok

After repeated rants about the orange wok at Velachery and a new outlet at OMR, this place just HAD to be tried out. On a Friday afternoon, we carried our hungry selves through the stretch of OMR. The place is very easy to locate, being situated on the first floor of a building on the … Continue reading Orange Wok


Kakada Ramprasad

Kakada Ramprasad, Sowcarpet Strolling through the streets of Sowcarpet, and going all gaga over well.. everything possible, gets you real hungry at some point. With the crowded street pushing you from store to store, not necessitating the routine walking schedule, you feel all the more exhausted, trying to save yourself from getting killed in the … Continue reading Kakada Ramprasad

Old Madras Baking Company

Old Madras Baking Company, Adyar Chennai doesn't have much to show for when it comes to bakehouses that showcase an array of breads and other sumptuous baked goods. Bakeries these days mandatorily take the definition of a place that serves cakes and cupcakes. Beating that rule, Old Madras Baking company has bravely ventured into preparing … Continue reading Old Madras Baking Company


Nando's, Velachery Nando's has always been much spoken about. Their peri peri chicken and chicken wings have had such praise from the connoisseurs of Chennai. When people with such great experiences in food, laud the place, it's a given that it must be visited. I know, I'm too late to the party. But then, better … Continue reading Nando’s

Love, Sugar & Dough

The search for the best home bakers in the city started when I had to order a customized cake and a dozen cupcakes for a friend's wedding. I enquired about 6 home bakers and when most of them gave such unbelievably high estimates, Love, sugar and dough gave me the best quotation, and they were … Continue reading Love, Sugar & Dough

Waffles Thru the Day

Waffles Thru the Day, Adyar Going out for breakfast has always been a fascination for me. While I’m a huge fan of South Indian breakfasts, there's something about English breakfasts that always a welcome change. It adds a tinge of freshness and morning happiness that comes from within. But each time the topic of a … Continue reading Waffles Thru the Day

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts, Velachery Having waited months together to try out Dunkin Donuts, I was presented with an amazing opportunity on my birthday, when my friends decided to surprise me in the parking area at Phoenix!! With a lot of excitement seeping in, with stories of their finger licking donuts running in my mind, we approached … Continue reading Dunkin Donuts

Gobi Paratha

My aunt has always been quite the innovator in the kitchen. From trying out kuzhi paniyarams with egg, and deep fried fritters in which she incorporates as much health as she could, I’ve loved almost everything she makes. Right from the moment she starts chopping up the vegetables into neat, colourful piles, the excitement starts … Continue reading Gobi Paratha

Phobidden Fruit

Phobidden Fruit, Indiranagar Bangalore visits call for mandatory fancy lunches, and if it gets to be Pan-Asian, me and my tummy get to be all the more happier. Indra nagar being our preferred location, we were spoilt for choice with the numerous good eateries that it has to offer. After endless confusion, Phobidden fruit was … Continue reading Phobidden Fruit

The Pasta Bar Veneto

The Pasta Bar Veneto, T.Nagar Some restaurants have a real clever way of marketing their dishes. Nothing much. Just two lines of description that says what the dish contains gets you all salivating and makes you want to have all of it. One such places that made me want to try all of their menu … Continue reading The Pasta Bar Veneto